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21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter

From the day that she was born, she changed your life irrevocably. From those first toothless grins, to her first steps. From tears on her first day at school, to her first kiss. From rubbing a sore tummy to trying to heal a broken heart. You’ve been together through it all, and every day you pray that you have done everything, when you know full well that you have done your very best. Now you’re here, at the start of yet another milestone – her 21st birthday.

Your little girl is entering adulthood, complete with a home of her own (or sharing with someone – out from under your roof!) and a career. Gone are the days of Barbie dolls, play kitchens and diaries with hearts. She’s no longer a big girl, but rather a woman. That’s why we have put together this list of spectacular 21st birthday gift ideas for your daughter to celebrate this big milestone and set her up for her future.

1. Lifestyle, body, style assessment & colour analysis

A private consultation with a style consultant will ensure that your daughter always dresses with style, even when she’s not dressing up. You’ve taught her that first impressions matter and now you can give her the opportunity to understand exactly how to dress for every occasion – from work interviews, to date nights and social functions.

2. Personal Shopping Experience

Take advantage of a personal shopper who knows what suits your daughter’s personal style and budget. The consultant will teach her the importance of a great fit with cost-effective wardrobe choices to banish bad impulse buys and the importance of shopping for style rather than for fashion.

3. Deluxe Makeover PhotoShoot

Every girl dreams of a makeover and professional photo shoot, which makes this a fantastic 21st birthday gift for your daughter. Facilitated by a team of professional stylists and a studio photographer, this will be a great way for her to get ready for her surprize 21st birthday party.

4. Learn to Make Sushi for One

One of the biggest drags about living on your own, is having to cook for yourself. However, everyone loves sushi, so send her to sushi lessons. You know that old adage about teaching a man to fish – well, if you teach a girl how to prepare sushi, she will eat for life.

5. Night Spa & Dinner for One

Another important lesson that is important to solidify in your newly adult daughter, is to get by on her own. There’s no better way to learn this valuable life lesson than by a night spa and dinner for one experience. She will be pampered from head to toe with a full body massage, hot stone therapy and a foot spa, as well as a delectable dinner and snacks.

Introduce your daughter to the finer things in life, and that’s what she will always strive for with these lovely 21st birthday gifts for your daughter.

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21st Birthday Gifts
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21st Birthday Gifts

For the past 21 years, you have racked your brain to find the perfect 21st Birthday Gifts for that special person. You have given electronics, clothes, toys and even money as a gift. However, the 21st birthday is always something special, it is the first step into a world of different opportunities and experiences. That is why instead of a gift this time, you should give them an experience. Here is a list of a 21st Birthday Gifts Experiences that you may want to try.

Your daughter/son or girlfriend/boyfriend has just attained the legal drinking age. How about taking them out for a winery tour for two, with tastings. It will be a great first experience and will be bound to make him or her, a responsible drinker. 21st Birthday Gifts which involve alcohol drinking make perfect gifts for guys.

If you don’t want to take your child out for a drink, how about a relaxing day at the spa? You can bond, and relax and enjoy time with your daughter or son. Most spas give offers for couples, especially for anniversaries or birthdays. Take advantage of this and treat you and your child, friend or spouse to a beautiful day of relaxation, with no stress from everyday life.
If they are a thrill seeker, you may want to try a more adrenaline rushing sport. You could take them to a sports car race track and simply drive at breathtaking speeds. Alternatively, you could arrange for flying lessons, or sky diving lessons if you can afford them. They will be a fun and thrilling experience that the birthday boy/girl is sure to remember.

If your son or friend is more of an artistic person, then how about getting some tickets to a gallery opening, an opera or even a fashion show in town. They will get to do what they like, and you may find that you actually enjoy the activities. Ensure that whatever experience you pick, it will be more for your child than for you. It will allow you to bond more with them and they will remember it for a long time to come.

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21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter
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