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Introducing South Africa's very own Bucket List Genie

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do in their lifetimes, whether it is a single momentous achievement or a long list of experiences they want to mark off to say "been there, done that". Odette is one of those people with a bucket list that reads like a phone book and she wholeheartedly chases down every adventure. 

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Ecommerce Entrepreneur by day, Odette is the visionary and innovator behind Celestial Gift Experiences.  She leads her team of Experience Experts to find the latest, most daring or playful bucket list adventures for her clients.  Clients are consistently delighted by the company’s transparent practices and single-minded focus on service excellence.  It is no wonder they are South Africa’s number one experience experts.


Odette’s most important achievement and greatest joy, is being a solo-parent to her two boys, Keanu and Connor. She nurtured in them a spirit for adventure from a young age, and they spurred her on to reach some of her wildest dreams. Being their provider and protector has taught her many important lessons which she has applied to successfully raise her other baby, Celestial Gifts.


On weekends, Odette is a global athlete on an enduring quest to fulfill every item on her bucket list. Her adventurous spirit does not shy away from the extreme. After achieving all her bucket list challenges in her home country of South Africa, she set out to complete marathons in the Petra Desert, Jordan; the Great Wall of China and the Polar Circle, Arctic Circle.


In her quest to fulfill her bucket list wishes, Odette also recognises that everyone else has a dream worth sharing, which is why she supports Atlantic Hope, a temporary safe haven for destitute newborns and infants. The Bucket List Genie uses her bucket list challenges to raise necessary funds for the children at Atlantic Hope.

Your Bucket List

South Africa's wonderful climate, spectacular sights, fascinating attractions and relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place in which to enjoy some of the world's most awe-inspiring experiences.  Based on that premise, the Bucket List Genie can arrange an adventure experience that will add substance to just about the most challenging of bucket lists.

Whether you're resident to our country, or just visiting South Africa for a short time, get in touch with the Bucket List Genie today for personal assistance in ticking off some of your greatest dreams.

Need more new experiences to add to your bucket list?  Follow the Bucket List Genie on Facebook, Twitter and on her Experience Report Blog for expert, honest, first-hand reports on some of Odette’s most recent adventures.