Fotolia_68461342_Subscription_Monthly_XXLOne of the reasons why relationships go stale after a while, is because we stop putting in the effort we did during the courting phase – when impressing the woman of our dreams was our number one priority. While men tend to live more “in the moment”, most women tend to start planning their perfect lives when they are little girls – and this doesn’t really change once we’re happily hitched. We still want our guys to display acts of old-world chivalry. And that, guys, is why you shouldn’t just stop dating her because she’s your wife.

Dr. Margaret Paul says that affection and spontaneous warmth are two of the top ten signs of a healthy relationship, so find ways to show your girlfriend or wife just how much she means to you:

  • make the bed
  • tell her she’s beautiful
  • grab her butt
  • hold her hand in the mall
  • run her a hot bubble bath
  • bring home her favourite guilty indulgence
  • plan a date!

How to Plan a Romantic Date for Your Lady-Love

Now we appreciate the fact that you’re a guy and that she probably does all the planning, but this is your date to and it’s important to put some thought into it. Try to think like her for a moment.

  1. Show that you’re doing this for HER by doing something she would enjoy. Taking her to a chain restaurant with a table that is well-placed for you to watch sport on the TV over head all night is NOT for her, but for you. Take her someplace where you can connect on a one-on-one basis.
  2. Make sure she doesn’t spend the entire time worried by taking care of everything that will be needed. Tell her what to wear (especially if the date is a surprise – she doesn’t want to show up in an evening gown and high heels for a rock climbing date!), and make babysitting arrangements, if you have children.
  3. Give some thought to finishing touches, such as flowers, wine, a pretty card, or whatever else is needed.

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