Situated on the southernmost tip of Africa, South Africa has several distinct ecosystems that make for a country with incredible natural beauty. But there’s more to our country than just the Garden Route’s lagoons and forests, the Cape of Good Hope’s craggy cliffs, wild beaches, and the flat-topped Table Mountain. The diverse terrain creates fantastic opportunities for great adventures and unique experiences. It’s no wonder tourists flock to our country.

Top 5 South African Adventures: Must-See Tourist Attractions

Most tourists make a point of visiting the Kruger National Park, Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, Robben Islandexperience-1545416 and the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, which is a great start. However, there are some adventures that are just not as easy to find on your own. That’s why The Bucket List Genie gives you exclusive access to the top 5 South African Adventures.

1. Microlight Fly-In with Private Game Drive

Fly into Mongena Game Lodge for an exhilarating Big 5 game game drive.

2. Light Aircraft Self-Fly

Experience the exhilaration of flight with this awesome opportunity to not only see a spectacular part of South Africa from the sky, but to actually control an aircraft!

3. Power Kite Buggying

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-fuelled activity that takes you back to your childhood, there’s nothing better than zipping across the beach on a three-wheeled cart, powered by the wind.

4. Combat Mission Gyrocopter Flight

Imagine seeing Cape Town from the sky while riding a superbike with wings. This description may sound like a young boy’s dreams, but it’s actually available, and it includes safe, fun aerobatic maneuvers.

5. Flyboard Experience

Put on your jet-powered water boots and fly up to 15 m (49ft) high, or dive headlong down to 2.5 (8ft) into the water with the ultimate flyboard experience. flyboard_002_2xxs-5p

South Africa’s excellent climate and spirit for adventure makes it a great place in which to create lasting memories. Try these or any of the many other experiences on your next trip!

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