Activity Vouchers are quite possibly the best invention ever discovered.  And from what I have heard it was born purely from a space of need.

The story goes that there was this little girl (or teenager, who knows) who had to find something to gift her Dad for his birthday.  She wracked her brains and tried her best but just couldn’t come up with a sensible gift for Dad.  Lets face it, we all get extremely tired of walking aimlessly through the shops and eventually buying the most boring gift for Dad or gifts for men for that matter.  Eventually one somehow lands up giving the man in your life a pair of socks and some cheezy looking tie!  And so because she was fed up with buying her Dad the same old gift every year, she decided to be original.  She found a beautiful box and inside the box she made a stunning voucher.  The voucher was not for cash to spend at his favourite man shop (on golf balls perhaps) but was for him to enjoy an activity voucher of sorts.  If my memory is correct, it was a Tiger Moth Vintage flight voucher that she created for him.  Now imagine his surprise when he opened the box, expecting to find another packet of sweets or his favourite pen, but instead he found an activity voucher which blew him away.  Activity vouchers are so unique to gift as extraordinary gifts.  They are guaranteed to result in some very interesting responses all of which are will make you feel a sense of amazingness all-round.

For me, the Bucket List Genie, the online gift store that I have is essentially my bucket list online.  So activity vouchers are a bit like giving someone a gift from their bucket list. We all know what a bucket list is (or a wish list) and I cannot think of a greater gift to give someone than an activity voucher directly from their bucket list. If they don’t have a bucket list (which is mandatory) then an activity voucher is the perfect way to encourage them to think about having one.