When boys reach adolescence, they tend to start tugging at the invisible protective layers we as mothers wrap around them. It starts with creating physical space in order to avoid motherly kisses, while demands for more freedom become a daily battle. It is hard to let go, but they have to eventually learn to become more independent.

Adventure experiences are a great way to make your little boy feel MiddlePagelike the man he sees in the mirror, while still providing you with all the peace of mind your mother heart craves. Better yet, you can hover nearby under the guise of taking pictures…

Whether it is a milestone birthday, or just because, there are many safe ways to provide your son with plenty adventure and a huge confidence boost to boot. When you book an adventure through Celestial Gift Experiences, you can rest assured that it carries The Bucket List Genie’s stamp of approval. Being a mother, you can trust her to only list safe adventures run by accredited, licensed operators who meet safety regulations.

Of course, you should always check whether your son meets the age and size requirements for the specific adventure.

Here are some of the coolest adventures for your son:

5km Table Mountain Scootour – Explore the mountain and enjoy spectacular views of the harbour, ocean and city on this guided scooter tour.

Flight Simulator and Intro Flight – Every little boy dreams of becoming a pilot and now you can make it a reality with this flight simulator training, tour to Fire and Rescue Services, and Air Traffic Control, as well as a 30 minute actual introductory flight on-board a Cessna 172.

Private Speedboat Cruise – Let him choose his three best friends and book an adrenaline-fueled speedboat cruise on Hartbeespoort Dam.

Introductory Microlight Flight – This affordable adventure is a great way to get a new perspective of your surroundings, but also an excellent opportunity to learn how to handle a microlight.Fotolia_82455117_XS

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to win your big little hero’s heart, this is your opportunity! Book an adventure birthday experience today!


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