odette butcher
I distinctly remember, four years ago, when I looked down at my fingers and watched as the sands of time slipped through them.  That moment was a 360 degree turning point for me, an epiphany and I haven’t looked back since.  With every adventure I’ve tackled since, the pre nerves, anxiety and suspense do not dissipate.  The challenges are very often far easier than what I put myself through before taking the plunge.  I’ve come to realise that fear and guilt are our greatest enemy as is this constant need to be & feel safe & comfortable, which numbs and stunts our growth.  Intentionally placing oneself in controlled moments of discomfort can accelerate emotional and mental fitness at an alarming rate.  I look forward to making fear my BFF.
The Petra Desert Marathon takes place in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the heart of The Middle East and leaves from the Ancient City of Petra.  The course is grueling and takes runners through the arid desert and lunar-like landscape surrounding the city.  This was indeed an adventure desert race of a lifetime.
The day after our desert adventure, we were given special access into Little Petra at night and were entertained like Kings and Queens of the desert.  We walked along a candlelit path through the Siqu to the Mausoleum where the Bedouins performed a traditional love song for us prior to our banquet dinner.

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