You can’t run a business fueled by adrenaline-junkie experiences unless you have a heart for adventure. It’s a good thing that our very own Bucket List Genie, Odette Butcher, is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to cross adventures off her own bucket list. This year, she has her eyes set on the highest marathon in the world – the Everest Marathon.

Odette’s Marathons

15726419_10154832609271115_8340766446867073460_nLate last year, she completed the Polar Circle Marathon. Wearing three layers from head to toe, as well as ice cleats, gaiters, off-road snow boots, and balaclava, the South African sun-baby was transformed into a snow bunny to take on the -37 degree wind chill.

“Even my eyeballs froze!” she joked – not really, it was seriously cold, people!

In 2015, Odette completed the Great Wall Marathon. The challenging marathon was a spiritual experience for her.

“The Great Wall offers a wonderful synergy for how one can live a joyous, successful life. Each step to me presents taking one day at a time, taking baby steps or big steps slowly and consistently every day until you achieve your dreams. Each brick that forms the mammoth Great Wall is an example to lay one or two bricks of progressive tasks completed onto your foundation daily so that eventually you have built a solid structure that is indestructible.

Her medal represents a celebration of wonderful life filled with possibilities after suffering with back problems for most of her adult life.

Odette’s journey with extreme marathons started with the 2014 Petra Desert marathon, which takes place in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the heart of The Middle East and leaves from the Ancient City of Petra. The course is grueling and takes runners through the arid desert and lunar-like landscape surrounding the city. This was indeed an adventure desert race of a lifetime.

“I distinctly remember, four years ago, when I looked down at my fingers and watched as the sands of time slipped through them. That moment was a 360 degree turning point for me, an epiphany and I haven’t looked back since. With every adventure I’ve tackled since, the pre nerves, anxiety and suspense do not dissipate.” explains Odette. “Intentionally placing oneself in controlled moments of discomfort can accelerate emotional and mental fitness at an alarming rate. I look forward to making fear my BFF.”

About the Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

The 2017 Everest Marathon takes place on May 29th and is an International High Altitude Adventure Sports Event being held at Mt. Everest Base Camp in commemoration of the late Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary.shutterstock_412538080

Runners will criss cross the Highland Sherpa Trails of Khumbu Valley, reaching heights of 5385m and cross the five highest passes in the world -Lobuje Pass (5,110m), Dughla Pass also known as Thokla Pass)(4,620m), Pheriche Pass (4,270m), Nhala Pass (4,400m) and Mongla Pass (3,900m).

Yes, she’s a woman of passion and adventure, for sure! But in her quest to fulfill her bucket list wishes, Odette also recognises that everyone else has a dream worth sharing, which is why she supports Atlantic Hope, a temporary safe haven for destitute newborns and infants. The Bucket List Genie uses her bucket list challenges to raise necessary funds for the children at Atlantic Hope.

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