With so many corporate gifting companies out there, clients and employees have started betting on what they will receive as their next client loyalty and staff recognition awards. Will it be a branded umbrella, a watch or a travel mug? The fact that it is branded means that they can’t even regift it to someone special, which takes the last bit of fun out of standardised employee reward solutions.

Forget About Corporate Gifts – Choose Innovative Employee Reward Solutions

cruiseNext time you’re faced with choosing rewards and incentives, ask a few questions – of yourself, your staff and your clients:

What is our company all about?

Your company culture plays such a huge role in the success of your organisation, which is why you should use that as a guide to choosing the perfect client loyalty and staff recognition awards. Choose something that is somewhat related to your unique selling proposition or company culture. Is adventure a part of the package? Then consider giving away vouchers for adventure experiences, such as skydiving, ziplining or adventure cruises.

What will make your employees feel special?

When it comes to employee reward solutions, weigh up your company culture, as well as the message you want to send to your employees. You obviously want to show them that they are valued, but consider what will make them feel special. Want to thank them for reaching higher targets? Treat them to breakfast in the sky, or perhaps an aerial tour.

img_2041If you have an upmarket company, treat your employees to a style consulting session, or consultation with a professional tailor to have their garments tailor-made.

Want to wind down at the end of the year? Rent a farmhouse on the river and supply awesome food and beverages, and allow them to let their hair down.

What do your clients want?

Experts recommend staying away from corporate gifts, and instead choosing personalised gifts based on the client. That requires building strong relationships and really getting to know them. If that’s not practical, you could make your job easier by giving them gift vouchers and allowing them to choose exactly what they want.

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