South Africa is blessed with so many interesting activities to enjoy and because our beautiful country is surrounded by coastline it goes without saying that fishing trips in South Africa make for an interesting day out that you cannot book to enjoy when traveling to many other places.

There are so many different types of fishing trips in South Africa on offer.  One can enjoy shore fishing which is when you stand on the shore and fish from the rocks. This looks cool but my worry is always that perhaps a wave will come and wash you off the rocks.  We also offer deep sea fishing trips in South Africa whereby you are taken out on a very modern and well kitted out boat.  Here the skipper and his crew will provide you with everything that you need.  All your equipment is included to include tackle, rods, bait and of course a lovely large cooler box of cold beer.  Deep sea game fishing are definitely the most popular fishing trips in South Africa and I’ve always admired any photo that I see of a fisherman holding his prized catch.

Some of the game fish can put up quite a fight so my assumption (as a girl) would be that you need to be quite strong and manly in order to hold onto your rod while the fish is fighting until it gets tired and pulled out the water. I’ve always wanted to try a fishing trip in South Africa, I live here and have never done this before so I should probably try it before advising others just how amazing it really is. I’ve always wondering what it feels like as you are reeling in the fish and the excitement one must feel as the fish eventually comes out of the sea. It’s a bit like a prize catch and something that you can be proud of. Fishing for me is allot similar to how life works. You keep throwing your line out there in the hope to reel in a good catch. The good catch can be anything from excellent exam results, the house of your dreams, the partner of your dreams or any other opportunity that you are looking to catch.