In the past number of generations, gifts for him have evolved from soap-on-a-rope to ties, and from aftershave to gadgets. Thanks to the evolution of gift experiences, we now have options to gift the men in our lives more unique, original gifts that create lasting memories.

If you want to win his heart, you need to do more than just search for gifts for him, because not all gifts were created equal, just as no two men are created equal. You need to put in a little more effort, in terms of paying attention to his hobbies, pastimes and lifestyle. Ask yourself:

  • What does he do for work?
  • What shows does he watch on TV? (sports, cars, flying)
  • What does he read?
  • What are some of the items on his bucket list?

These questions should clue you in on the things that are on his mind, and hopefully give you some ideas as to what might make a thoughtful gift for him.

Once you have given thought to these four questions, you can go through Celestial Gifts’ list of gifts for him, where you will find incredible experiences, such as:

  • Drive an F1 SuperCar
  • Quad Bike Safari for Two
  • Drive a Racing Car
  • Light Aircraft Self-Fly
  • High Speed Ferrari Hot Lap
  • Microlight Fly-in Safari
  • New Dad Pamper Package
  • The Ultimate Grooming Experience for Men
  • Beginning Brewing Workshop
  • Range Rover and Jaguar Dynamic Driving Experience
  • Xtreme Flyboard Experience
  • Xtreme Zipline Experience
  • Sandboarding Adventure
  • Harley Davidson Convoy
  • Cessna Scenic Flight
  • Paragliding

And the list goes on and on. These gifts were not available to the general public even a decade or two ago, so it makes sense to take the opportunity to gift him with something spectacular which few men have received before. Imagine how he will boast to everyone about what a catch you are… It’s obviously a gift that offers great returns for you, too!

Stylish Ways to Present Gifts for Him

Once you have decided on the ideal gift, it is time to consider presentation. This is where your personal touch comes in handy. Even a small, inexpensive gift, such as a mug or handmade card, presented with the experience gift voucher will make it just a little more special.

You might also consider monogrammed iPad or phone covers, journals or desk clocks and picture frames for the businessman. Alternatively, if you’d really like to keep the passion alive, why not buy a Playboy Style photoshoot and gift him with the printouts, along with a fun activity voucher. This combination is sure to keep his heart racing and you in his good books forever.

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