experience-60565770When last did you learn something new? Many people don’t associate learning new skills with fun. We attend school, university or skills development courses for a specific reason – for work or business, and not for fun. But did you know that learning something new on a regular basis offers many excellent benefits?

Success in life depends on your ability to never stop learning. It’s continuous learning that opens up new opportunities in life. Learning can also:

  • prevent you from living a stagnant life by keeping your brain cells active.
  • help you expand your knowledge base and grow as a person.
  • help you gain access to new experiences you’ve never considered.
  • teach you skills that may provide potential income opportunities.
  • teach you new ways to do things – faster, better, more easily, thus saving your energy and stress.
  • open the door to meeting new people, which could result in new friendships, relationships and opportunities for work or adventure.

In addition to changing your brain chemistry, learning new skills can help increase your learning experience-79211524speed, and help you make connections between different skill areas. Demyelination of your brain, which leads to dementia, is less likely in people who regularly learn new skills. Learning a new skill fights boredom and helps you become a more well-rounded individual person who will be better able to relate to other people with whom you share common interests.

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill, or you’re looking for a productive, fun activity for a group of friends or coworkers, the Bucket List Genie can hook you up with unusual learning experiences. These are great for team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or just because.

Ring Carving Workshop for One | CPT
Single Session Cooking Lesson | You Choose | JHB
Perfume Workshop for Two | Cape Town
Beginners Digital Photography Course | JHB
Learn to Make Sushi for One | JHB
Beginner Brewing Workshop for Two | Woodstock CPT

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