happy_coupleWork, kids, house maintenance, car services… Life is busy. Most of us settle into a mediocre, humdrum love life until the day after Christmas when the tinsel and trees are replaced with large heart-shaped balloons and obnoxiously large teddy bears that glare at us accusingly with their lifeless little button eyes. If it has been a while since you connected (I mean really connected) with your significant other, and you’re yearning for new and refreshing ways to stimulate and celebrate your love, read on.

I want to encourage you today, especially if you feel that you and your lover don’t do romantic things together. Have you ever noticed that there’s something precious about loving your partner flaws and all? 

If you’ve been married more than a few years, you can agree that marriage is not always moonshine and roses. Sometimes it’s not about fancy dinners by candlelight, but about giving them your leftovers. Sometimes it’s not about declaring your love by hiring a plane and writing it in the sky, but by sending a whatsapp saying “how are you?” during a stressful day at work. Anyone can arrange elaborate displays of affection, but few can hold your hair when you’re sick, or after a wild night on the town. Anyone can keep you up all night, but true love is getting up early on a Sunday morning to a crying baby and saying “Sleep, honey – I’ve got this!”. hot-air-balloon-22

Since you’ve reached this page, I know that you want something a little more “for the better” than “for worse”, so I’ve selected a few awesome experiences you can use to stimulate and celebrate your love. Best of all, you don’t have to do it only on Valentine’s Day, but all year round. These experiences are filled with oxytocin-releasing adventure and laced with a touch of romance to spark romance and celebrate your love.

Private Helicopter Flight with Picnic Lunch for Two | JHB

Treat the love of your life to the most exquisite of romantic experiences. Pull out all the stops by organizing a picnic for two. But remember, not just any picnic will do…Show your VIP how much you care by organising an exhilarating, scenic helicopter flight to your picnic spot of choice, which might include Kloofzicht Lodge, Casalinga Country Lodge, or De Hoek Country Lodge.

Champagne Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Overnight for Two

This incredible date night experience will start at the V&A Waterfront from where you will board the Spirit of Victoria for your champagne sunset cruise. On return to the docks, you will head to one of the Waterfront’s top three restaurants – City Grill, Greek Fisherman or Meloncino – for a superb 3-course dinner before spending the night in the Westin Hotel.

Glenburn Lodge | Overnight & Hot Air Balloon Flights for Two

Turn a dream into a reality and treat someone to the ultimate experience of hot air ballooning. Soar above the trees and feel overwhelmed by the breathtaking beauty below.

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