DSC_9792-2According to Statistic Brain, forty-one percent of people usually make New Year’s Resolutions and 72% of them last through the first week. However, almost half of them never succeed in sticking with their resolutions past the six month mark. Many common resolutions include eating healthier, losing weight, making better financial decisions, exercising more, doing more good deeds and finding a better job. Part of the reason why it is so hard to maintain those resolutions, is because they tend to be the things we put off, because they are so difficult.

DSC_0625_kij2-epHowever, 6.3% of people resolved to “do more fun things”. The Bucket List Genie is all for doing more fun things, because fun makes us happy, and when we are happy, we do more of what makes life exciting. Everything else then tends to fall into place as we chase our bliss.

Speaking of fun things, we’ve put together a line up of awesome bucket list experiences to activate the fun factor for 2018.

Winelands Hot Air Balloon Flight for Two – Up, up, up and away! Float away in a basket with a bright balloon above you and the majestic winelands below as you enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

Picnic on the Cape Wheel – Snack on a peckish picnic for two in a private pod, complete with chocolates and a cooler basket to keep as you enjoy eight revolutions on the Cape Wheel. It’s the perfect date idea when for when you only have a few moments to steal during lunch time, or as part of another date IMG15_uq1f-pv (1)experience.

Night Time Rally HotSeat Experience – If you like feeling adrenaline course through your veins, this high-speed rally driving experience in the bushveld will get your heart pumping with excitement.

Sexy Clifton Yacht Party – Do you envy those candid paparazzi shots of celebs partying aboard yachts in exotic locations? Well, now you can get the first hand experience while making the beachgoers jealous. Celestial Gifts in association with Original Mason’s Cocktail Spritzers will be hosting a series of Sexy Clifton Yacht Parties aboard the exquisite Serenity One.

Helicopter Flight for One – This is probably on everyone’s bucket list. This quick helicopter flip is the perfect experience for first-timers and it gives you a unique aerial perspective as you soar across the skies before landing back at the Krugersdorp airport.

shutterstock_206747197Find these (and other) exciting bucket list experiences at Celestial Gifts and make 2018 your most exciting year yet!

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