Perfume_WorkshopWith Mother’s Day around the corner, we’re all scurrying around trying to find the perfect gift to make the #1 in our lives feel special. We usually start by thinking “Who is a mom?”, because a mom doesn’t necessarily have to be our biological mom. In today’s world of blended families, anyone who takes on the role or mother is deserving of some recognition.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your own mom, your “heart mom” (you weren’t conceived in her body, but in her heart), your children’s mom, your mother-in-law, or whomever you look to as the best mom in the world, there are a few mother’s day gifts to avoid this mother’s day.

What Not to Buy for Mother’s Day

Of course, your mom will appreciate and even love whatever you buy her, but when it comes to buying a gift for the woman who loves you more than she loves her own life, you may want to put in a little more effort.

By the same token, don’t give her something she needs, but rather something she wants – except sleep. Every mom both needs and desperately wants sleep.

Ultimately, think about the message your gift sends, and why you don’t want to buy her:

  1. A scarf – She probably has a drawer full from all the years gone by.
  2. Scented candles or bath salts – Unless you plan to pick up the dishes for a few nights so that she can enjoy a luxurious bath.
  3. Cards filled with glitter – Lovely as it may be, this may end up making more work for her when she has to clean it up. No offense, but that’s no fun.
  4. Kitchen appliances – Really? Few mothers want to slave away behind a hot stove. She’d rather do something fun with you.
  5. Fitness gear – Gym memberships, fitness magazine subscriptions, cellulite cream, or waist-trimmers are a no-no, unless she expressed a desire for it.
  6. Gift packs – Your local pharmacy will be breaking out their stash of “gift packs” anytime now, if they have not done so yet. Avoid those like the plague. Your mother raised you to be imaginative and thoughtful, and nothing screams the opposite like a new manicure set, complete with floral hand

Every mom likes chocolates, wine, and flowers, right? Absolutely, especially if it accompanies the gift of your time. You see, lovely and appreciated as those three amazing gifts are, you must consider that:

  • Flowers wilt.
  • Wine disappears fast – we’re not sure how.
  • Chocolates melt… in her mouth, very fast. A moment on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips.

If you want your mom to be truly blown away by her Mother’s Day gift this year, consider “What (in addition to chocolates, wine, flowers, and scented candles) can I get her that will truly make her feel loved and appreciated?

There’s a simple answer. Your mom will love for you to spend some time with her. Research has shown that few things bond people together emotionally like shared experiences. With that in mind, check out some of the amazing experiences in our Mother’s Day Category.  You’re sure to find something incredible for you to do with your mom this Mother’s Day.

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