experience-79138875Let’s face it, if you had to make a list of all the new year’s resolutions you have made over the year, which you never followed through on, they would probably fill an entire book. We’ve all been there, done it… and that’s why I want to introduce you to something new this year: The One LIFE Resolution to End ALL New Year’s Resolutions.

Forget about top 10 new year’s resolutions – they are impossible to stick with:

  • stop eating carbs, processed food, sugar and everything you enjoy.
  • stop smoking.
  • stop swearing.
  • stop watching so much television.
  • stop fighting with your husband.
  • stop worrying so much.
  • stop spending as much money.

Maybe the average person can achieve one of those, but if we all managed to stick with our resolutions every year, the world would probably be a perfect place. But it’s not. Why is that? There’s a simple reason: Nobody likes restrictions.

We all face restrictions every day, and motivating a better life with more restrictions is no way to enjoy life. Instead of making a list of restrictive new year’s resolutions, make a bucket list.

Why Make a Bucket List Instead of New Year’s Resolutions?

experience-79755378A bucket list is driven by pleasure, unlike a list of new year’s resolutions that are driven by fear and restrictions. You’ll be much more willing to chase after the pleasure your bucket list provides than to eat more lettuce.

Apart from just providing pleasurable experience you can chase after, your bucket list can also help you to slowly replace bad habits:

Too lazy to exercise? Sign up for ball-room dancing lessons. You’ll have fun and burn calories at the same time.

Watching too much television? Sign up for a volunteering program, cooking lessons, or learn to surf.

There are many examples of how you can use your bucket list to drive positive change in your life, rather than hemming yourself in and sucking the fun out of your life with a list of obligatory top ten new year’s resolutions to which you may not be all that committed.

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