shutterstock_319233722So many of us spend hours a day in front of computers. At night, we plop down on the couch before we head to bed. It’s no wonder obesity and depression have become so prevalent in society today. This modern-day sedentary lifestyle is vastly different to how our ancestors lived.

They didn’t have electric blenders, cars and readily chopped wood from their nearest grocery store. No, they had to work for it all, which kept them healthy. While we have the convenience of time-saving groceries and technology, many of us don’t take advantage of the time saved by spending that time productively. Instead, we spend it on our phones.

There are doctors who believe that a sedentary lifestyle is worse for our health than smoking cigarettes. In fact, it has been linked to obesity, diabetes, strokes and heart disease. Spending time on the treadmill and exercise DVDs is better than no exercise at all, but spending time outdoors is Spier_Segway_-_guide_and_guestvastly more beneficial. If you prefer to exercise indoors, at least spend some time absorbing the fresh air and sunshine outside, and appreciate the flowers, the trees, the animals and nature’s beauty.

Few things provide us much of an escape to life’s troubles than time spent in the great outdoors. Developing an appreciation for nature’s wonders is a great way to stimulate your body-mind connection, develop an appreciation for the wonderful world we live in, and reduce feelings of depression.

Your body will also benefit from spending time outdoors. The body thrives on fresh air and sunshine. Walking barefoot outdoors (also known as earthing) is beneficial in that it offers a shutterstock_154191794multitude of benefits – from improving sleep to reducing pain and blood pressure.

So instead of heading to the mall or movies, take the family on a hike in a nature reserve, or to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. Whatever you do, spend some time outdoors.

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