Giving your partner wedding anniversary gifts is nice and romantic, but over time it can get tedious.  Especially when you have to think outside the box to find something that hasn’t been done before.  Worse still, you may give him or her a present that they may never use in the future. So instead of giving them the traditional wedding anniversary gifts, try an experience instead.

You could decide to recreate your honeymoon or the very first day you met.  The best part about this is that it will not only remind them of how much you love them, it is also a chance to make up for any mistakes that you made during the first date. So if you spilled some red wine on her favorite white satin dress, you can make this new first date, new and special.

Create a tour/photo shoot of all the special places you and your partner value.  Over the time you have been together, there are places that have created special memories for the both of you.  The place you had your first kiss, the place you had your first fight, your first walk in a park as boyfriend and girlfriend, these are all very special moments that you may want to capture.  Create and extensive tour with memories and photos of your wedding anniversary, and revisit your hey days.

A spa day: Spas will usually have excellent spa packages for couples, and more so those celebrating their wedding anniversary. If you want to create a relaxing day away from the kids, or the stress of everyday life, then a spa day where you are pampered and spoiled is the perfect anniversary gift. By the time you get back home, you and your partner will have re-bonded and you are bound to both be very happy. You could also book a helicopter ride of your favorite city and enjoy the aerial view. You can get a good package for your anniversary if you book early. If you are working on a budget, then maybe you can decide to just take a walk, switch off your telephone and just enjoy time with each other.

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