There comes a time in any romantic relationship where you’ve done everything together, and you need to find new and exciting ways to keep the old flame burning hot.

At the beginning of the courting process, there’s the movies, the dinners, the picnics and the weekends away. It’s all very exciting and romantic while you get to know your new love, but after a while, you both yearn for something a little different – more exciting…

Unless you have a couples bucket list, you may be at a loss for new and exciting adventures to keep the passion strong. Let us show you how you can add a little twist to an age-old favourite – the overnight stay – to keep the romance alive and well. cave_suite_008

Sleep in a Cave Suite with Star Gazing for Two

Grab your Tarzan (or Jane) and head over to Kagga Kamma, where you can spend the night in a natural sandstone cave, skillfully integrated in the natural sandstone formations. Don’t worry – there will be no bats or snakes, as each cave is equipped with all the amenities and home comforts you need to make you feel at home.

While you’re there, be sure to sign up for a star gazing experience, because Kagga Kamma’s dark skies provide spectacular views of not only the stars and moon, planets and satellites, but also of deep sky objects, such as the Hercules Globular Cluster and the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Luxury Houseboat Experience

More of a Popeye fan? Then you won’t go wrong with an overnight stay in a luxurious houseboat on the12065915_10153751651475996_8890913748086747895_n Vaal. Equipped with everything you need to enjoy a memorable stay, you might mistake the houseboat for a deluxe hotel suite floating on the water. Enjoy a sunset braai on the top deck as you cruise along the gentle Vaal river, where pristine natural scenery is interspersed with dramatic estates, or sip on something refreshing under the starry skies. This is the ultimate breakaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Overnight Rooftop Trailer Park Experience for Two

If you can’t get away from the city for more than a night, escape into a different world, which is only a vintage elevator ride away, at the top of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street, Cape Town.

grand_daddy_009The rooftop is home to a luxurious trailer park, consisting of seven aluminum vintage Airstream trailers, each with unique decor and spectacular views of the surrounding cityscapes.

Unique, memorable romantic experiences are within your reach. Speak to the Bucket List Genie today about a getaway that suits your mood and your pocket.

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