When your heart is set on the love of your life, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to impress and make them feel special. Whether it is a first date, a proposal, or a regular date night, a night on the town involves making your loved one feel like a million bucks. But how do you do it and what do you actually do?

That all depends on what you both enjoy doing, and of course, your budget. Someone who is deeply in love will show no restraint and won’t settle for anything but the very best.

The objective of a date night is to ensure that your focus is 100% on your date. That means you should select something that he or she will enjoy and eliminating distractions, such as phones and choosing a restaurant without sports TV playing in the background.

Top 10 Romantic Date Night Ideas

Here are couples’ favourite date night activities:

  1. Luxury VIP sunset yacht cruise
  2. Limo transfer and dinner in the sky or dinner by the river
  3. Sunday lunch boat cruise and romantic overnight stay
  4. Overnight stay in Magaliesberg, followed by a hot air balloon flight and brunch
  5. Luxurious evening picnic
  6. Champagne sunset cruise and dinner
  7. Private outdoor wine bath and overnight stay in a rustic rondavel in the winelands
  8. Night spa and dinner
  9. Chocolate tasting and lunch
  10. Romantic helicopter flight and Picnic

Before choosing your ideal romantic date activity, think about what your lover enjoys, and what you hope to achieve with the date. If you want to show her how special she is, choose something quiet and romantic. To celebrate a special occasion, choose something a little more extravagant, such as a helicopter flip, sunset cruise or dinner. For your average monthly date-night, a chocolate tasting or breakfast or dinner in the sky will do!

Ultimately, it is the thought that matters. Put your heart into it and you are sure to put a sparkle into his or her eyes.

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