steam-train-939939_960_720In 7 October 2017, Odette (The Bucket List Genie) will be joining 99 other solo athletes and relay teams in the Steam Train Challenge, which is ranked alongside the Two Oceans and Comrades Marathon as one of the most popular in South Africa. Starting from Wellington, athletes will take on the train using a mix of running and mountain biking from a variety of stops along the way.

For Odette, this is not only an interesting race that combines two of her favourite hobbies, but it is an opportunity to challenge herself. Her goal is to encourage others to avoid being distracted from bigger goals by insignificant hurdles. “We all become demotivated from time-to-time, but by setting huge goals and being determined to achieve them, we can stay on task. That’s why I like to set these challenges for myself.”

Good Reasons to Challenge Yourself

Use Odette’s challenges to inspire yourself to reach greater heights. Here are some great reasons –

  • It brings you closer to fulfilling your ambition

Our dreams will never simply land in our laps. We have to work for it. By setting intentional challenges, we take steps towards our end goals. It’s okay for the goal posts to shift along the way. As we achieve more, we may be tempted to strive for bigger goals that are harder to achieve and that’s wonderful too.

  • It helps to increase your self-belief

Few things feel as good as conquering a difficult task, and the self-belief born from achievement adds to the momentum of our efforts to achieve even greater things. It’s a snowball effect!

  • It allows us to get to know ourselves better

Working through challenges enables us to become more aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We 20746297_1185231278287930_5076852397172022855_olearn new things that stir up new passions and open up a world of opportunities.

Digging deep in order to overcome the challenges we set for ourselves allows us to discover our personal power. By being a part of something bigger, we learn to recognise our own power in creating circumstances and finding solutions to challenges, and it provides an opportunity to live each day to the fullest.

If you’d like to support Odette’s latest adventure, visit the Race Info site to find out how to support the charities and make a fun filled day out of it for the whole family.

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