Provided you look at the right places, one is bound to find a number of activities to fill up a list of top 10 gifts for men. It may include the following activities;

  • Accelerated free fall – This is an ideal gift for men who enjoy outdoor activities and are not afraid of heights.
  • BMW Collision Avoidance and Skid Control – This is a thoughtful gift for men who either love high speed driving or are inseparable from their cars.
  • Combat Mission Gyrocopter Flight – Men who love combat stories, movies, or novels will enjoy this affordable and very unique gift experience.
  • Driving a Ferrari Racing Car – This is every man’s ultimate wish, getting the real feel of motor racing. Even though it is quite pricey, you are bound to leave a permanent impression with him.
  • Light Aircraft Self Fly – This is a good gift for a man who has some flying experience. Surprise him with an afternoon flight and he will have it etched on his mind forever.
  • Digital Photography Course – This is a wonderful gift for a man who loves the outdoors and has some interest in photography. Make sure the training period is short and flexible.
  • Golf School – If your man is struggling to improve his golfing skills, offer him a gift experience by enrolling him for some short golf training sessions. He is bound to improve his under par.
  • A High Speed Ducati Hot Lap – Motorcycle enthusiasts will drop anything else to get an opportunity to get a high speed Ducati ride. It is an out of this world experience.
  • A Hijack Protection Course – With the ever deteriorating security situation, this gift activity may prove to be life saving. Ideal for any man who drives.

Activity Gift Voucher

If you are not so sure about the kind of activity gift will interest the man in question, getting for him an activity gift voucher may just do the trick. It will allow him to choose an activity of choice. It is also worth noting that these vouchers are usually offered in varying values or denominations; there is something for everyone.

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