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Hot Air Ballooning Gauteng

Hot air ballooning trips have been in existence for many years. These ingenious floating vessels are quite popular these days and many tourists choose them when they want explore a new territory. Of course you do not have to be a tourist to take off in one of these balloons, but different companies that provide these services also avail customized packages tailored after the needs of their customers.  Whether you’re thinking about planning a romantic getaway for two in the skies or you want a family excursion while several meters away from the ground, hot air ballooning is the most fulfilling experience you’ll ever give the one you love.

To guarantee that your hot air experience is safe, all safety measures must be observed before anyone is allowed into the flying balloon.  Most companies that present these vessels require that every person wishing to board their craft wear a helmet to protect them from any accidents during their flights.  Remember that a hot air balloon uses a scientific principle, which relies on propane tanks and burners to warm air that is directed to the envelope.  Eventually it is this warm air that is allows the entire vessel to lift from the ground and into the skies.

Qualified pilots are offered by these companies to ensure that you get to visit specific sites that you want.  These pilots are charged with the task of maneuvering and making sure that the burner is fired up properly during the whole flight. For example, to move the hot air in an upward direction, the pilot must open up the propane valve allowing the propane to reach the burner, and this will cause fire to be directed into the envelope.  Similarly, to bring the balloon to the ground, the pilot must open the parachute valve located at the top of the envelope, which causes it to descent to the ground.

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