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Importance Of Team Building

Team building is the process where by a group of people are organized to work together cooperatively and interdependently to met the need of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goal. All members of the team must share a common goal, have respect for each other and be motivated to use their strengths to achieve their objectives.

Importance of team building

1. Builds trust.

Team building activities helps to build trust among individuals. Trust is a very critical component especially if teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve the goals and objectives and also make the company grow. Trust is very important in businesses because it can actually make or break a team and business cannot survive without teams. Mutual trust that comes from team building activities can allow individuals working to depend on one another and be more efficient and productive.

2. Ease conflict.

Effective team building can helps to ease conflict conflicting individuals by allowing them to bond with each other and become more accustomed to each others personalities .Team building allows people to get to know each other on a personal level.

3. Increase collaboration.

Team building activities can help establish stronger bond between members of the team. This bond can help increase collaboration between the members of the team when doing their daily activities. Team building activities encourages members to work together towards achievement of a common goal and not to blame one another when problem arises.

4. Effective communication.

Team building activities help individuals to learn how to communicate to each other better because they will be face with situations that need to be solved as a group. A team cannot be productive if there is no effective communication between its members.

5. Increase productivity.

Team building activities helps to improve productivity. When different people come together to work as team, they will produce more quality outputs as compared to individuals who are not working together. Through team building, strengths and weakness are identified and members of the team can put their strengths together to increase productivity.

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