There’s no one, sure way to know that the physical gift you issued to someone you love is something that will remain in their memory forever. Obviously, they’ll receive it with a smile, and say thank you. But whether it’s a shoe, a dress or just a simple wrist watch, give it a short period of time, and they’ll surely forget it. And trust me, if the gift soon wears out, or gets stolen, that’s the end of their attachment with that gift you bought them.

So, what’s the surest way of eliminating this boredom and making sure that the gift you bought them is so special, and that it will remain to linger in their memories forever? Treat them to some crazy jump, specifically Tandem Skydiving.

Right now, it’s the ultimate buzz amongst skydivers and those who love the activity all across the world. It’s an exhilarating free-fall experience that could see you descending 12,000 feet from the sky.

If the people you interact with wouldn’t mind skydiving on their special occasion, then Tandem skydiving is the best gift experience that you can ever give them.

This is what happens:
During the first 15-20 minutes of the flight, individuals are treated to the most breath-taking views of the landscape beneath. As they approach the selected jump altitude, they’ll harness their instructor securely. Once at the exit point of the aircraft, there’s a sense of calmness and relief as the aircraft door opens and a blast of wind rushes in. At this point, their hearts pound, adrenaline rushing with excitement as they hang their feet outside the aircraft, ready to drop 12,000 feet downwards.

The realization that they’ve launched from the confinement of the aircraft to the world of freedom outside suddenly hits them. In fact, they don’t even realize that they are traveling earthwards at a speed of 200km/hr. Then at 5000 feet, their parachute is engaged. All of a sudden, the fall becomes a decent one, at reasonable speeds. The parachute ride (or canopy ride) lasts 6 minutes, after which they expect to touch down safely.

Now, that’s what we call a perfect gift experience you can ever give to someone. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an individual, or a group event organized by corporates. It’s a lifetime experience that they might not encounter again, and that’s why they’ll appreciate it for the rest of their lives.

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