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Personal References

Leon Botha | CEO SponsorshipSeekers (Pty) Ltd and owner Rallystar Motorsport Academy

Without going into an empty song and dance I can only say that it has been more than a pleasure working with Odette – it has been an honour. She is a dedicated and trustworthy person who only seek the best for her clients and even go back for more, if there was any complaint. Give me 5 Odette’s and I will give you an unbeatable team.

Claire Riley | Productivity Analyst at Standard Bank

I have used Odette’s services to book two outings for my husband and myself, both times Odette has delivered exactly what was promised at a reasonable cost. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with Odette, I would recommend her events planning services to anyone wanting to book a special outing.

Vanessa Frankal | Independent Travel Company – VTravel

Odette is the most driven, reliable and professional person with which I have worked. Her business is run in the same manner and for that reason I highly recommend Celestial Gifts and the service that comes with it. She offers unique experience followed up by a personal touch and you know you are getting an excellent product with value for money which is so important. More >>>

Avitha Surajbali | Senior Manager : Project Development at Nedbank

I have booked gift experiences through celestial gifts and find it quite an exciting and different experience! I have a number of notable and wonderful gift experiences that have created a wealth of memories to last a life time.

Mornay Korkie | Financial Controller at Interliner Agencies

I accidently stumbled over Odette one day when I needed to do something different in life.  Something more personal, something more for myself, and something that I would never regret doing.  We started off with a simple Sunday morning Experience on board a Micro light Aircraft…. From there Odette always ensured that I had some Extreme Lifestyle activities on an ongoing basis.  More >>>

Louniel Blom | Senior Manager at Deloitte UK

Odette is brilliant at what she does and is very passionate about her business. She is very focussed on her clients and providing them with the best experience possible. She goes out of her way to accommodate her clients. I would recommend Odette and her business to anyone.

Dr Vernisha Moodley

Odette has provided a beautiful website with extremely innovative gift ideas ,…especially with regards to the experience vouchers. She has made special occasions even more special for those who can afford the best materialistic gifts but who do not always have the time or opportunities for special things like an experience with the elephants, or a horseback safari and … more >>>

Benadé Baird | Training Manager at AngloGold Ashanti

Odette provides a professional service through a combination of excellent communication with her clients and trustworthy, on time service delivery.

Kevin Owen | Engineer at Looking Ahead Recruitment

Odette is always on time with the bookings she does for me, there is never a problem with payment and all the client information she gives me is always 100% correct.

Richard Austin-Hamblin | MD Red Services

Odette left nothing to chance and there were no gaps in any of her service offerings.

Cindy Minnaar | Owner of Corporate Virtual Assistance

It was getting close to my husband’s birthday and had no idea what to get him as he has everything. Then a friend of mine told me about Celestial Gift Experiences she has used in the past. I went onto the website and was blown away by what was offered. Anything you can think of is available. My mind was made up quickly on a gift experience for my husband. I phoned Odette…more >>>

Richard Hilton Vineyards www.hiltonvineyards.co.za | Greatest Africa Travel www.greatestafrica.com

Odette is one of those rare finds in the service industry that really cares about their offering. She is highly skilled at identifying a clients needs and possesses all the relevant attributes to deliver personal perfection with integrity, honesty and flair.

James Mew | CEO & Founder of Mantality – SA’s #1 online store for men | Business Development at Men’s Republic (B2B)

Odette is a truly professional and efficient CEO, and does a great job running the innovative and ever expanding online experience shop: CelestialGifts.co.za. I’ve recently had the pleasuring of meeting her in person and continue to consult with her on a daily basis regarding a range of business topics and promotional ventures we both share and have an interest in.

Claire Morgan | Marketing Manager – Nevada Group

Odette, is a lady that gives each task her full attention, maintains a constant service with high end results, communication channels are clean and clear and she gives reliable feedback.  Honesty and professionalism are top on Odette’s list, willing to go the extra mile to ensure your experience is nothing but spectacular.  Pleasure to work with and will (have)…more >>>

Carmen Wilde | High-Performance Executive Coach, Cognitive-Behavioural Specialist, Speaker

Odette is someone that can be relied upon to deliver on time and within budget every time. She is very diligent, offers awesome experiences and is constantly updating her portfolio with new and more exciting experiences. She’s an expert in her field and is THE person to turn to if you’d like to create an extraordinary experience for your team. Besides her excellent service…more >>>

Trevor Persaud | Schroder Investment Management
Head of Insurance, Asia, Financial Institutions Group

Odette was one of the most organised, effective and professional people I have had the good fortune to work with.  Her ability to learn new things quickly and then add value constantly impressed me and her resilience under pressure meant she was able to consistently complete difficult tasks well and still be hungry for more.  I would recommend Odette wholeheartedly to anyone…more >>>