Every sane person knows just what a mother is worth, and no gift on earth can show just how much you love and appreciate her. It nonetheless does not hurt to try, and to be a little bit different.  Do not give the usual gifts for mom like chocolate and flowers; give her the experience of her lifetime, the experience she has always longed for.

Here are some great ideas:

Gifting travel – Travelling with your mother is a great way to spend quality time.  It lets her kick back and relax and just let go of all her worries and daily duties for a while and just enjoy the moment. Take her sightseeing.  To make it unique, try travelling at sea on to say a cruise ship, or if time and money do not permit you that, take her around in a hot air balloon.  She will love it.

Cooking classes – Mother’s dishes are the best. Moms love to cook, and giving them a new recipe is definitely one of the best gifts for mom. Take her for cooking classes alongside other moms and you, where she can mingle and learn a new recipe. Afterwards, take her out for a meal in one of her favorite restaurants and order her favorite dish for her. Later on, get her everything she needs to try out her new cooking skills and the love between you will grow even stronger.

Pampering – You know your mother and she knows you, and hence it is only natural that you know what she likes, detests and what she longs for and for some reason just cannot get.  Surprise her by giving her what she has always wanted, and try to concentrate on something that will be of use to her for a long time. This way, her desires will be fulfilled and every time she sees her new gifts, she will always remember you.

The objective at the end of the day is to give your mom a long-term gift or sweet memory, and only you and those close to her can know what will best please her, and whatever you get for her will surely be one of the best gifts for mom.

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