dsc04213The Holy Roman Empire first introduced wedding anniversary gifts. Perhaps the non-existing divorce rate in those days, could have been attributed to the fact that wives had to wait until their twenty-fifth anniversary to be crowned with a silver wreath. This was replaced with a gold wreath on their fiftieth anniversary. Commercialism in the 20th century led to more named wedding anniversary gifts.

Wikipedia provides a range of amazing facts regarding wedding anniversary gifts, but what do you give someone who already has everything? Some of the items on the “suggested modern gift list” have become so cliche that people no longer appreciate the sentiment as we once did, and it does nothing more than to create a social norm that may not mean much to your partner.

The Solution to Wedding Anniversary Gifts Boredom

If you’re reading this, it is possible that you’re looking for an exciting gift that your partner will absolutely LOVE. Perhaps you’ve been searching high and low in order to find something that ticks all the boxes (exciting, affordable, practical and memorable) while still falling into the appropriate social norm. But let’s be honest, what special, unique and memorable gifts can you find within the following categories?

  • paper
  • cotton
  • sugar
  • salt
  • wood objects
  • textiles
  • brass or nickel
  • silver plates

fotolia_65016969_subscription_monthly_xxlResearch has proven that people appreciate experiences more than they do gifts. Experiences tend to create timeless memories, whereas material gifts tend to be stowed and forgotten in the back of a cupboard.

Your love is unique, so why not make your wedding anniversary gifts equally special. Here are some awesome suggestions that are sure to invigorate your love.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

If she enjoys the finer things in life, treat her to a perfume workshop, or a besties spa escape and high tea. You may also consider lighting up her inner vixen with an aphrodisiac perfume workshop or Playboy-style celebrity photo shoot – these gifts just keep on giving…

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Treat the stylish man in your life to a tailor made shirt and tie or a muscle car or race track experience. If he’s an aviation fanatic, treat him to a self-fly experience.experience-54754198

Wedding Anniversary Gift Experiences for Couples

Whether you are looking for a wedding anniversary gift for a couple you know or something special to do on your special day, you will find a deluge of options at Celestial Gift Experiences. If you want to keep some of the old world charm, we can help you work in some of the traditional gift ideas too. Here are just a few:

The list goes on and on… Speak to us and we will advise you on the perfect wedding anniversary gifts that suit your style and budget.

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