Life gets busy sometimes, especially towards the end of the year when we face so many work and social commitments… Year end functions, closing up shop for the holidays, school prize givings and concerts and PTA meetings for the kids and all their extramural year-end functions, to name but a few. If you feel that you are living past your partner, it may just be time to roll out a few great date night ideas.

experience-65716502Keeping closely connected to your spouse at this time of the year, is crucial. As we all turn inwards and contemplate life, love and time with family and friends, it often becomes overwhelming for many. That’s why spending quality one-on-one time with your soulmate is good for both your emotional wellbeing.

Many couples have great date night ideas, but the idea of organising it, trying to arrange a babysitter and everything else may seem like too much work. In a world where time is a precious commodity, you must put you (and your spouse or lover) first. Make time to date, like you did at the beginning of your romance. It will spark romance and memories of the good times you had early on in your relationship, thus making you feel more closely connected.

Top 5 Romantic Date Night Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of time to arrange something special, use the ideas below to make it happen. It’s all done for you – all you have to do is show up and enjoy. Forget about chocolates and roses… Nothing says ‘I love you’ like shared experiences.fotolia_84876928_subscription_monthly_xxl

1. Jazz Brunch for Two in Cape Town

Enjoy a stunning Jazz Brunch by a private table in a glorious courtyard encircled by tall palms and centred around a glorious fountain. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine as you listen to the sounds of live jazz while reading your paper and enjoying your 1st cup of filter coffee. Venture to the buffet and dither over all the exciting varieties to choose from, starting with cereal, yoghurt or fruit, cheese and biscuits, fresh fruit juices, fine jams, mountains of breakfast delights from sausage, fried tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs to literally Sunday roast. The buffet is bursting with bounty and the delectable delights are endless.

2. Introduction to Ballroom Dancing for Two

Learn the fabulous skill of dance and benefit greatly when you next visit a nightclub, wedding, party or ball. You will be taught the techniques with a Dancing Academy renowned worldwide. Dancing is a great way to benefit various areas of your life. Besides learning a new skill, it offers a great opportunity to socialise, meet new people, improve confidence, fitness and just add some simple fun and relaxation to your life. Dancing is as easy as walking, so what are you waiting for!

3. Sushi Lesson for Two in Johannesburg

Learn the fine art of Sushi making with one of South Africa’s best Sushi chefs. This is not a skill that can be learnt by reading experience-76568890a book or watching T.V. The Sushi chef gives you an explanation of all the ingredients and explains how Sushi rice and rice vinegar is made after which you are coached through making a variety of Sushi dishes.

4. Romantic Rose Garden Picnic for Two in PTA

Roses and food – the perfect combination for a romantic experience. Tuck into delicious culinary delights as you overlook the spectacular fields of roses and birdlife on the farm and look dreamily into your soulmate’s eyes. Romantic, relaxing and delicious!

5. Private Dinner in the Dark with Fire Dancing for Two By the Crocodile River

Experience this exclusively packaged fine dining experience. This very special and truly private, romantic dinner for two is served on the deck, overlooking the Crocodile River. The scene is set with candles and silver creating the perfect mood for an intimate dinner for two. Between courses you and your loved one will enjoy your very own private fire dancing show. Whereby the dancer is dressed in a special costume and performs this great art to sensual music.experience-69446679

These top 5 date night ideas only take two or three hours out of your busy day, but leave a lasting connection. Invest in your love, because you’re worth it!

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