Looking at the calendar, we can safely say that we’ve survived Lean January. Next up is pay day Valentine’s day! Are you celebrating new love, or are you so sick of that same old love? (Ha! You can guess what’s playing on the radio right now, right? Selena Gomez’ Same old love…) We’ve got great tips to infuse it with new life!

If you’re single this year, you should still read this post, because it’s full of ideas to love YOU! That’s right, we’re talking about Valentine’s Day Experiences for the Adventurous Woman, regardless of relationship status.

Celebrating Valentine’s day is about love – no matter who you love. Besides, experts say that you should love yourself first, before you can love someone else. According to GoodTherapy.org, “It is generally difficult, if not impossible, to feel content without first being able to love and accept the self.”

If you’re a mom, you are used to putting others before you all the time and we want to encourage you to take a load off, even if you just spend one hour on yourself this Valentine’s day. Really, you should go and love yourself… (Oi vey! Enough with the teeny-bopper music references already! Sssh…Don’t tell anyone I listen to Justin Bieber!)

Adventure Experiences For Valentine’s Day

flyboard_003Whether you want to show your new (or old) beau that you’re a thrill-seeker, or whether you want to celebrate the single life (The greatest love of all! HA!) – adventure is the way to go. Single and don’t want to go out alone when couples are swarming around? No problem! Invite your BFF or even a group of friends along and celebrate the no-strings-attached life!

Tick one of these experiences off your bucket list and you’ll be on a high for the rest of the year. You’ll never know what perks the adventure may bring. If Subliminal: The Revolution Of New Unconscious by Leonard Mlodinow is anything to go by, danger is the ultimate aphrodisiac…

The bad news is that V-day falls on a Tuesday this year, which means you’ll probably be at work. We suggest you book your adventure for the weekend, that way you and your optional-extra will be quite content to spend the night of the big day in your jammies at home with pizza, wine and Netflix-and-chill. ?

Without further ado – here are our favourite Valentine’s Day Experiences for the Adventurous Woman:

If you’re near the Winelands, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to enjoy the Vine Hopper adventure. We won’t recommend it for a work-day, for obvious reasons, so book it for the weekend.

Want to break out those enticing pheromones? The Swinging Tarzan Obstacle Course is just the thing for you, Jane.

Enjoy a wet and wild adventure with Xtreme Canyoneering in Cape Town. It will get your heart racing and you’ll go to bed content.

If you’ve been accused of flying off the wall one too many times, perhaps an Xtreme Flyboard Adventure is just what you need to expand your horizons. conyoneering

There you have it! Valentine’s day does not have to involve chocolates and fluffy stuffed bears to entice mushy feelings. Sometimes a wild adventure is more illustrative of true love, where you sometimes get to see your person at his worst. Love, my dears, is not always pretty. It is raw as a shark cage dive. It is dirty as an underground tunnel. It’s up and down like a skydive. It’s sad. It’s deep as the ocean. It’s an adventure! Check out these Valentine’s Day experiences for the adventurous woman emulates your love life and see which one best emulates your love life and book it.

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