When you and I picture Valentine’s Day, we imagine waking up to millions of red roses, luxurious Swiss chocolate and teddy bears. We dream of dancing on sunshine all day long, with our heads swimming in wafts of expensive perfume. The perfect imaginary night of love is topped off staring into Mr. Perfect’s gorgeous eyes while he tenderly holds our hands to the sounds and smells of a candlelit French bistro… But let’s face it, that’s NOT what he has in mind.

While we women wait in anticipation of what he will get us, or wondering whether he will or won’t pop the question (if he hasn’t yet), Valentine’s day is so stressful for men that it actually hurts healthy relationships, as was proved by multiple studies.

In an ironic twist, one study tracked Facebook breakup statuses, andgiraffe_and_zebras showed that more couples broke up in the weeks surrounding Valentine’s day. According to Jonathan Fader Ph.D., this is the result of inflated expectations, unfair comparisons, and social media magnification that exacerbate existing issues in relationships.

One of the recommendations on Dr. Fader’s article on Psychology Today, is to try new experiences together, as it releases oxytocin, which delivers a natural boost to make your relationship feel new and fresh throughout the year. After all, if you only celebrate your love once a year, there’s a bigger issue than the size of your Valentine’s Day bouquet.

Here are some great adventures to get that oxytocin flowing:

  • Enjoy a day of retro romance with a vintage sidecar tour, complete with a range of cool retro goggles, helmets, and leather jackets (and complimentary bandana!) as you set off in a decommissioned military bikes originally used by the People’s Liberation Army of China between the early 1950’s and mid-1970’s. Starting at the V&A Waterfront, your cj750 “chariot” will collect you and take you on a scenic drive to Buitenverwachting. Find more info on the Sidecar Adventure & Wine Estate Picnic for Two here.
  • Enjoy the Spier wine farm at its best by zipping around on a Segway. The guided Segway tour will introduce you to the vineyards and natural farming practices as you glide along the River Garden and breeze past the yin-yang water recycling and re-energising plant. Find out more about the Segway Vineyard Glide & Picnic for Two here.
  • Join us for a breathtaking fly-in safari and enjoy a full day at your leisure enjoying our private game reserve with either a private game drive or a privately guided bush walk. Your X-factor experience starts with your arrival at our private microlight air strip where you will complete some paperwork and put on your full-piece flights suit in readiness for your departure. Find out more about the Microlight Fly-In Safari with Private Game Drive for Two adventure here.

These Valentine’s Day experiences are not sickeningly romantic in the softcover romance sort of way, but they offer just the perfect blend of adventure (engines, high altitude and no need to wear a tux) and magic to wow almost any man – and we guarantee that you will enjoy it too.

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