When I’m looking to purchase gifts for the special people in my life, I always consider buying couples gifts.  It makes more sense and can sometimes be more affordable.  We all like to do something with our partner and wine experiences are something that everyone can enjoy.  So when we think of wine experiences, I can only quickly think of wine tasting which after a while can become very intoxicating and also a bit drab and unoriginal.

It’s very hard to package a wine experience to include wine tasting only and so I’ve been on the hunt to find other wine experiences that my clients would enjoy.  I actually found so many which amazed me.  I’m often blown away by how many different ideas we can come up with when focusing on one concept which in this case are wine experience gifts.  One can enjoy wine tasting with cheese pairing, my sister has even enjoyed wine tasting with soups (offered in winter by one of Cape Town’s top wine estates).  I never thought that a wine experience could include soup but there is such a thing and it’s great.  Then we all know about wine tasting with the pairing of chocolate or wine tasting with food pairing which is by far the most popular.  I was told about the wine tram experience in the Winelands which I’m proud to report my clients can now enjoy.

A wine experience gift is also about learning about the wines, the different types of wines, how they are made, the vineyards, the hazards and all the intricacies that go with the processing and manufacturing of wine.  I’m starting to think that wine can be paired beautifully with any type of substance.  I haven’t heard of curry and wine tasting but who knows that’ll probably be the next unbelievable wine experience gift that one can buy.

The great thing about wine in general is that as long as you are over the age of 18, I cannot think of any adult who doesn’t actually like wine.  So if you’re stuck for the perfect activity gift, then perhaps consider a wine experience gifts for the person or couple whom you are looking to treat.

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